COVID-19 Vaccines (as of 1/21)

On January 11, the DC Department of Health (DOH) announced that DC residents who are age 65 and older may register to receive a vaccine appointment by calling (855) 363-0333 or by visiting this website.  Unfortunately, since then the demand for vaccine appointments has been significantly greater than the supply of vaccines, and most of our patients have not yet been able to schedule a vaccine appointment.  We have been informed that the DC DOH is continuing to work on their website to improve the patient experience, but they have not given us additional directions on the registration process to provide to our patients.

Virginia has begun online registration for Virginia residents to receive the vaccine at this website.  Eligibility is currently limited to Virginia residents who qualify to receive the vaccine in phase 1, as defined based on age, health status, and employment under terms determined by the Virginia Department of Health.  The site indicates that you will be contacted to schedule a vaccine appointment after you have entered your demographic information.  An additional site for online registration is available for residents of Arlington County here.  Fairfax County residents may call their health department’s vaccine hotline at (703) 324-7404.

Governor Hogan recently announced that Maryland will begin offering the COVID vaccine to additional groups.  During the week of January 18, the vaccine will be offered to Maryland residents who are age 75 and older, as well as teachers, child care workers, people in assisted living facilities, and people with high risk medical conditions who are incarcerated.  Maryland will use this website to assist their residents in finding locations where they can receive a vaccine.  Information for residents of Montgomery County remains available here.  Maryland residents who are signed up for the state’s emergency text alerts will receive a text message each time the state starts vaccinating a new group – to sign up, text “MDReady” to 898211.

Although we have applied to administer the vaccine in our practice, we have been informed by the DC DOH that we and other internal medicine clinics will not be receiving a supply of vaccines any time soon, and possibly not until they reach phase 2 of vaccine distribution.

We will continue to post updates on this page as we receive them.

***Special notice regarding Sibley Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine***

Sibley Hospital has started to provide COVID-19 vaccines to eligible patients.  Please visit the Sibley website for details:

Please note that MyChart is managed by the Johns Hopkins Health System, and unfortunately we cannot assist you with most of the technical problems which you may encounter during the sign up process.  We have however learned from our patients that a common problem has been the lack of an Activation Code while signing up.  If this occurs, scroll to the bottom of the enrollment page and click “SIGN UP ONLINE”.  You will then be directed to a separate page to enter your demographic information.  Once you click “submit” at the bottom of this page, you will receive a message stating they will email you within one business day to continue the enrollment process.

***Special notice regarding Medstar Health***

Medstar Health is using this site to register patients to receive the vaccine: Currently, Medstar patients who are either DC residents age 65 and older or Maryland residents age 75 and older may register by following the directions on the site. It appears that only individuals who are currently patients in the Medstar system are eligible to register on this site at this time.

***Special notice regarding Howard University Hospital***

Howard University Hospital is currently offering the vaccine to DC residents age 65 and older. Currently they do not appear to be limiting access to appointments to their existing patients. Further information on registration is available here:


Rising COVID-19 infection rates across much of the United States are resulting in frequent changes to health guidances and requirements. As such, it is important for your health and the health of those around you to stay updated on the changes in the places where you live, work, and visit:

National updates regarding COVID-19 are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Office Policies & Procedures

At Foxhall Internists we continue to offer video, phone, and email consultations with our patients when appropriate during the coronavirus outbreak. Each of our doctors has their own policy on how they are managing this. If you require assistance with any acute or chronic medical issue, please start by contacting your primary doctor’s assistant, and they will then advise you on what should be done next.We remain open to see patients who need an in-person evaluation and/or lab testing, at the discretion of their doctors. We have taken steps to reduce the chance of COVID-19 transmission in our office, and we have stopped seeing patients with respiratory infection symptoms since about the time the first cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in our area.

We ask that if you have any symptoms which are potentially due to a COVID-19 infection, you inform your doctor’s assistant before you come in.  A complete list of these symptoms is available on the CDC website here:

All patients are expected to wear a mask or other protective face covering at all times during their time in the office. In the interest of limiting the number of people in our office, we kindly ask that you do not have anyone accompany you to your appointment, unless their assistance is required.

During the pandemic we also are only offering lab and vaccination services on a scheduled basis, so that we can minimize the number of patients in our waiting areas at any time.  We will continue to be here to help manage your medical care, and we appreciate your support as we try to maintain as safe an office environment as possible.

COVID-19 Testing

We are now offering COVID-19 testing in our parking lot on a limited basis.  Testing is available for our patients with acute symptoms of COVID-19, or recent contacts with an individual with COVID-19.  We also offer testing to our patients who are asymptomatic and need a test for travel or other purposes.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer testing to individuals who are not patients of our practice. 

We also continue to utilize testing sites run by local hospital systems and public health agencies in the area.  If you require testing for any of the reasons above, please contact your doctor’s assistant for further details on scheduling.

COVID-19 IgG antibody testing is available for our patients who think they may have had a COVID-19 infection at least 3 weeks ago. The antibody test may indicate that you have previously had a COVID-19 infection, but it cannot be used to diagnose a current infection, and at this time this test cannot confirm that you are immune to COVID-19. We are currently not offering antibody testing to individuals who have not previously had symptoms which were potentially due to COVID-19. Please click here for further information on this test, and contact your doctor if you are interested in having this test done. We are required by the DC Health Department to submit all of the information on this form with all COVID-19 tests we collect in our lab.

We are using the antibody test developed by Abbott Labs, and this is run on a commercial lab machine. Due to reliability questions regarding the use of antibody “test kits”, we do not recommend that these types of tests be used to guide individual decision making on COVID-19 issues.


** We will continue to provide updated information as the situation evolves.  As always, if you are not feeling well, and especially if you have recurring fevers or trouble breathing, please call your doctor, and call 911 in case of an emergency.