Foxhall Internists Prime provides enhanced, individualized medical care, as well as affording you increased communication with your doctor. It is a membership, annual fee–based program in which the participating physician cares for only a limited number of patients.

What Foxhall Internists Prime Means to You

Included in the annual fee–based Foxhall Internists Prime program are the following:

  • An expanded physical of up to 90 minutes to review the various details of your health, suggest preventive and wellness measures, provide instant Web-based medical research, review nutritional issues, and describe alternative health options.
  • Appointments within 24 hours on your request and no waiting time.
  • Cutting-edge research in any area of health concern, conducted by your physician and accessing the latest medical research and databases. For example, using a specific genetically based drug interaction model, your doctor will be able to predict how various medications interact with each other and what, if any, medication adjustments are necessary.
  • Enhanced communication. You will continue to have 24/7 access to the on-call doctor at Foxhall Internists. In addition, every effort will be made to contact your personal doctor 24/7 for assistance with serious medical problems.
  • A secure Internet site for e-mail communication with your doctor is also available. This site may be used to contact us, ask questions, make requests, etc. Of course, for emergencies and after hours, a phone call is needed to ensure that messages are received.
  • An written summary of your yearly physical, and a thumb drive containing your relevant medical records.

Fees for Foxhall Internists Prime
To provide us with the time and resources to offer this service, there is an annual fee of $1500 (reduced as noted for patients covered by Medicare), which includes the cost of your extended annual physical and all of the services listed earlier in this brochure.

All children of an enrolled parent who are older than 15 and younger than 30 may receive medical services by the participating physician for standard fees without paying the annual fee. A similar exception is also offered to visiting family members and friends. The fee can be paid annually or semi-annually at your discretion. You are free to cancel at any time, and your money will be promptly refunded on a prorated basis, unless you have already received your physical for that year.

Notice to patients covered by Medicare:
Regardless of your Medicare affiliation, your physical will involve the same amount of time with the physician and the same degree of detail. However, your “Welcome to Medicare Physical” (a one-time physical you are entitled to when starting Medicare) and your “Annual Wellness Visit” (an annual physical provided by Medicare) are not covered by the Foxhall Internists Prime program. What this means for you is that your cost for Foxhall Internists Prime will be reduced to reflect the payment your doctor receives from Medicare. For instance, if Medicare pays the physician $183 for your Annual Wellness Visit, your cost for Foxhall Internists Prime will be $1317.

Enrolling in Foxhall Internists Prime
At this time, membership is offered to new patients to the practice who are interested in enrolling in the Prime program, and to current patients of participating physicians as indicated in the list above. To enroll or ask questions about Foxhall Internists Prime, kindly contact Thuy Tran at 202-243-0228. You may also call our main ofifce number at 202-362-4467. If you prefer, you may submit an online request to be contacted.