Each physician has a different schedule of appointments, beginning at times ranging from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate you, and can usually provide same day service. Kindly call us in advance to arrange a good schedule time. If you have made an appointment but are unable to keep it, please contact us 24 hours in advance. If you realize you will be late for a scheduled appointment, please call us so that appropriate arrangements can be made. If you are coming to our practice for the first time, you may complete a registration form prior to arriving. Please bring your insurance and/or Medicare cards to your first appointment. Also, if you have any relevant medical records, please bring them with you, along with a list of medicines that you are currently taking.

After Hours / On-Call Support
There is always a physician available by phone to assist with emergencies, such as hospital admission and evaluation of urgent medical problems. In the event you need to speak with a physician after the office is closed, our answering service may be contacted by calling the main office number at (202) 362-4467. Please call us regarding all other issues during our normal office hours, during which we have the records and staff necessary to address your needs more efficiently and accurately. Examples of such issues would include requests for treatment of non-urgent conditions, prescription refills, and results of laboratory testing. For further information on obtaining appointments and prescription refills, please see the Contact Us section of this site.

As we do not maintain any contracts with insurance providers, and do not accept Medicare assignment, you are responsible for paying for medical services directly. You will then be reimbursed by your insurance company or Medicare, under the terms of your arrangement with them. For certain plans, we will submit insurance claims for you, as follows:

  • CareFirst/BlueCross-We will submit a record of charges for you. You are responsible for the paying the balance in full, and will be reimbursed for a portion of the charges by Blue Cross, according to your contract with them.
  • Medicare-We will see patients with Medicare coverage, but do not accept Medicare assignment. We will submit all charges to Medicare, who will then submit claims to whichever secondary insurance plan you may have. In most cases, Medicare will send payments to you, and your insurance will reimburse you under the terms of your contract with them. You will then be responsible for submitting full payment directly to us. Please note that there might be laboratory services that Medicare will not cover.
  • For Medicare patients enrolled in Foxhall Prime, there is no additional charge for the lab tests done as part of the annual physical, including for laboratory services which Medicare does not cover. Medicare will not reimburse you for the applicable charges for the annual wellness visit, and for any covered lab services done as part of this exam.
  • All other insurance plans-Foxhall Internists will bill you directly. Please be aware that our physicians are not members of any HMO, and are not in-network providers under any insurance. You will be responsible for submitting the charges to your plans. Most insurance companies will reimburse you based on an “out-of-network” fee schedule, after deductibles have been satisfied.

All interactions with us are maintained in strict confidence, and we will not discuss or release your medical information with other individuals without your signed permission. We will also assist you with medical release forms so that your information can be obtained from other physicians involved in your care. A complete guide to our privacy policy is available in our office, or by clicking here.