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Patient Resources


  • Physician schedules differ, but usual start times range 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. 
  • Call us to schedule an appointment.  Some of our doctors also offer an email option for this.
  • Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance for cancellations. 
  • Kindly contact us if you are running late for a scheduled appointment.
  • For first time visits, please:
    • Complete a registration form prior to arriving.
    • Bring insurance and/or Medicare cards. 
    • Bring any relevant medical records and list of medications.

In the event you need to speak with a physician after the office is closed, our answering service may be contacted by calling the main office number at:
(202) 362-4467

On-Call Support

After Hours / On-Call Support

  • For emergencies (e.g. hospital admission or urgent medical problem): an on-call physician can be reached at through our main number: (202) 362-4467.  If there is no answer, call (301) 446-2541. 
  • If you have an urgent health concern that can’t wait for a response, we encourage you to go to the nearest emergency Department or urgent care center. 
  • All other issues (e.g. requests for treatment of non-urgent conditions, prescription refills, or lab results): please call during office hours.


  • We don’t maintain contracts with insurance providers or Medicare and our physicians are not in-network providers under any insurance.
  • You are responsible for paying for medical services directly. 
  • You will then be reimbursed by your insurance company or Medicare, based on an “out-of-network” fee schedule, after deductibles have been satisfied.
  • We can submit insurance claims for you for certain plans:
    • CareFirst/BlueCross.
    • Medicare: We will submit all charges to Medicare, who will then submit claims to whichever secondary insurance plan you may have. In most cases, Medicare will reimburse you under the terms of your contract with them. Please note that there might be laboratory services that Medicare will not cover.
    • Medicare patients enrolled in Foxhall Prime: there is no additional charge for the lab tests done as part of the annual physical. Medicare will not reimburse you for the annual wellness visit and associated lab services.


  • All interactions with us are maintained in strict confidence. 
  • We will not discuss or release your medical information with other individuals without your signed permission. 
  • We will also assist you with medical release forms so that your information can be obtained from other physicians involved in your care. 

A complete guide to our privacy policy is available in our office, or by
clicking here.
Patient Resources

Medical Information

We are often asked about sources of medical information on the internet. The sites below provide reliable information on a variety of medical subjects:
This is an excellent source of general medical information, including references for further reading on new diagnoses and information on managing chronic conditions.
This site is also a good starting point for research on medical issues, and includes the useful index Health Topics A-Z.
This site is also a good starting point for research on medical issues, and includes the useful index Health Topics A-Z.
The site for this organization provides continually updated information on preventive medicine, including which screening tests are appropriate at specific ages.
A useful complement to our immunization service, this site provides comprehensive advice on reducing the risk of infection while traveling abroad.
This is a reference site for clinical trials which are currently enrolling participants. The site includes specific information on the studies as well as criteria for participation.