What is Foxhall Internists Prime

Foxhall Internists Prime provides enhanced, individualized medical care, as well as affording you increased communication with your doctor. It is a membership, annual fee–based program in which the participating physician cares for only a limited number of patients.

What Foxhall Internists Prime Means to You

  • An expanded physical of up to 90 minutes to review
    • health details, 
    • preventive and wellness measures, 
    • nutritional issues, 
    • health recommendations based on current medical research and expert opinion.
  • Timely access to appointments with limited office waiting time.
  • Custom health information based on latest up to date reference materials.
  • 24/7 access to the on-call doctor at Foxhall Internists.
  • Email access to your doctor for all non-urgent issues.
  • Written summary of your yearly physical and a flash drive with your relevant medical records (including reports from consultants).

Fees for Foxhall Internists Prime

  • $1800 annual fee (includes the cost of extended annual physical & above-listed services), payable annually or semi-annually.
  • Regular office visits will continue to be billed as usual.
  • Children of an enrolled parent 15-30 years old receive medical services for standard fees & no annual program fee. Same applies to visiting family members and friends. 
  • Free to cancel at any time, with pro-rated refund if no annual physical has been received. 
  • You can still submit charges to insurance.

Notice to patients covered by Medicare*:

  • You still receive an expanded physical. 
  • Your annual fee will be reduced by any Medicare payments for the following services:
    • “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit (one-time exam you may choose to have after enrolling in Medicare part B). 
    • “Annual Wellness Visit” (a limited annual review of certain health issues provided by Medicare). 
    • For instance, if Medicare pays the physician $120 for an Annual Wellness Visit, your cost for Foxhall Internists Prime will be $1680.

* Not applicable to Dr. Parker, Dr. Fine, and Dr. DiFresco. 
On-Call Support

Enrolling in Foxhall Internists Prime

  • Contact Thuy in our billing office at 202-243-0228, OR
  • Call our main office number at 202-362-4467, OR 
  • Submit an online request to be contacted.